MCL Pathology Panel

MCL Pathology Panel

Despite the fact that nowadays the majority of MCL is correctly diagnosed by the experienced hematopathologist, still, based on morphology alone, only a subset of cases are properly classified.

Originally derived from a German network of reference pathologists, the European MCL Pathology Panel Pathology panel has more than 20 participants from all over Europe. Initiated  on a retrospective European survey of MCL, this reference pathology panel regularly met since 1998 and reviewed all study samples available.


In addition to the establishment of diagnostic criteria which led to the detailed description in the current WHO classification, even more importantly distinct subtypes and new prognostic markers were identified, including blastoid cytomorphology, the cell proliferation-associated marker Ki-67, and p53 alterations. These results were also confirmed by various RNA array analyses.

Future investigations will focus on the detailed molecular analyses of subtypes to further extend our current knowledge and explore new molecular targets for specific treatment strategies.


Coordinator: W. Klapper, University Kiel