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 2024-06-17 | Czernecki Donnelly Award 2024 - David Chiron

 2023-06-09 | Czernecki Donnelly Award 2023 - Simone Ferrero

 2023-02-06 | Czernecki-Donelly Award 2023 of the European MCL Network

We invite you to apply for the above mentioned award which is endowed with 5.000 €.

Preferably younger investigators should submit:

  • full manuscript focussing on basic science, translational or clinical aspects of mantle cell lymphoma published in 2022
  • structured cv including a list of publications and other grants of the applicant
  • application letter

All submissions will be evaluated by the Board of the European MCL Network. Grantees will be announced at the EHA 2023 Congress in Frankfurt during the session of the EHA LyG scientific working group. Awardees are invited to present their work during the next annual conference of the European MCL network.


Please send your applications until April 1st 2023 to:

 2022-06-12 | Czernecki Donnelly Award 2022 - Lorenz Thurner

 2022-01-24 | New members of the European MCL board

Based on the electronical poll in December 2021, we are happy to announce the new members of the European MCL board (in alphabetical order):

  • Martin Dreyling, Munich, Germany
  • Simone Ferrero, Torino, Italy
  • Eva Gine, Barcelona, Spain
  • Mats Jerkeman, Lund, Sweden
  • Vincent Ribrag, Paris, France

 2021-10-30 | Czernecki Donnelly Award 2021 - Silvia Bea

 2020-06-23 | Czernecki Donnelly Award 2020 - Elisabeth Silkenstedt

The 1st Czernecki Donnelly Prize of the European MCL Network was awarded to Elisabeth Silkenstedt


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