Liquid tissue WP

We will investigate liquid tissues as precious sources for investigation of novel biomarkers including: a) Baseline predictors including treatment pharmacogenomics (particularly ibrutinib), characterization of Ig repertoire and identification of autoreactive antibodies (such as those against LRPAP1); b) MRD monitoring. The latter has been so far fully validated in MCL only using cellular DNA analyzed by PCR-based methods.

We plan a comprehensive MRD monitoring at multiple timepoints using multiple tissue sources (PB cells, BM cells and cfDNA) and recent NGS-based approaches, targeting both the Ig rearrangements with EuroClonality/EuroMRD approaches and mutational profiles using CAPP-Seq. The huge amount of data (multilayer and sequential) will be handled through bioinformatic modeling (Connector software) to establish effective predictive models suitable for future treatment personalization studies.